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I wish I could care about Haiti, right now. I hear about it a lot. But I don't care. I can't bring myself to care.

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Last night was... rough. Really rough.

But today's a new day. I talked to a couple of people I needed to talk to, sorted through some things that needed sorting. And even though I'm still not sure which way is up, I feel better than I did. Meg (ilu bb) might drive me up a wall sometimes, but she's always there when I need her. Always.

And officially making up with someone I'd really missed as part of my life helped, definitely.

So... things might be okay. One way or another, everything works out. And this will, too. I'm not sure how yet, but I'm sure it will.

In other news, I also got an email about a job as a tech admin at a local company. Not sure what this entails. Details Monday, after I talk to the recruiter!





Oh lord. Tonight had the potential to suck so much. And a big chunk of it did, because I was thinking too much. Not even watching Avatar was helping, and that's saying something. You know it's a bad night when the most epic cartoon on the planet doesn't cheer you up, amirite?

But then I spent like two solid hours in hysterics with my sister? Not just normal OH HAI THAT WAS FUNNY laughing, mind you. Unable-to-breathe, can't-stop-giggling, no-words-to-describe, tears-streaming-down-cheeks, people-are-staring hysterics.

What's that? You want to laugh with us?

Oh, you may. Start here. And then once you've laughed at that thread for a good long while (take extra time to giggle over the GIF with the treadmill, you know you want to!) mosey on over here for added hilarity.

My eyes are now sore from hysterical-laughter tears. I must sleep.

GG - Seder Anything

I don't know how the Hell I missed an episode of Gossip Girl, but I know that it's been corrected now. And thank God! Oh, GG. How I love you. How I missed you! How I was heartbroken when there was no recording on my DVR last week! Well, I've fixed that problem. All is well now. I'm caught up, and only lost an hour's sleep, and EEEEE NEW GG TOMORROW!

And oh god, the Chuck/Blair! And ohohoh! GEORGINA! There will be icons!


Now I have to sleep, so I don't die at work tomorrow. *fangirl spazz*

Argh. Morning.

It's ridiculously early. Like, there's no reason I should be awake right now. The only time I ever see 9 a.m. is when I haven't been to sleep yet! I don't wake up at this hour! However. Here I am. Awake. And bored. And waiting for IJ to stop being so fucking stupid so I can do something besides post here on LJ.

I didn't even get that much sleep. Rrr. I came home last night (didn't stop to get food, as Atticus has already pointed out, partially because I'm dead-fucking-broke and partially because I was exhausted to the point of not seeing straight), talked to Atticus, talked briefly to Meg (not in that order), AIMed for a second with Charlotte and Tasha. And I was in bed by 1:30 a.m. Yeah, I know. It's messed up, right? I'll ruin my night owl rep this way.

And then I woke up at 6 a.m.-ish, because my dog is evil and needy. And I haven't been able to get back to sleep. I laid stubbornly in bed for an hour, then got up and... I haven't actually being doing all that much. Because it's so ridiculously early. And there's nothing to do. So I've fucked around online - changed my journal layout, did some icon-hunting before IJ went down - and watched the NCIS I had on my DVR. But now I'm bored. And so? LJ update. I know, it's thrilling stuff.

So anyway, it was brought to my attention last night that there are things I just didn't talk about, when they happened. They were pretty major things, and they meant a lot to me. But I didn't - and still don't, really - think they warranted long discussion or angst or an unreasonable amount of drama. They happened. Sometimes that's the way life goes. And even though I wish it could have chosen a more pleasant direction, life didn't really ask my opinion - it does that a lot. So stuff happened. It sucked. But the world didn't end. Life kept right on going, as life is wont to do. And I think, really honestly, that it was handled in a not-too-traumatic way.

IDK. Maybe I grew up somewhere between my second-to-last relationship and my last one. Or maybe girls really are just more sane. Either way. Not that bad.

So now I'm thinking about making pancakes. Because it's been a long time since I made pancakes! Oooo, or muffins. I forget who I was talking to the last time I made those - it was either Megan or Chase. I can't remember which. Either way, muffins are always a good idea. Like, a delicious and fantastic idea and now I must have muffins. More later!
Today? Today it's cold and wet and rainy. Yesterday I was walking barefoot around my apartment complex, wearing boxers and a t-shirt. It's hardly fair, that the weather can turn so quickly. I hate when it's dreary - it makes me feel sleepy, like crawling back under the blankets and just staying there. Of course, only having a couple of hours of sleep might exacerbate this. Damn you, Charlotte! You and your excellent writing and your European timezone! ♥

I'm at work, looking out at the dogwood trees outside the window on my lunch break. When I go back to my desk, I'll be working on fanfiction. For Charlotte, again! Who gives me weird plotbunnies and complains that no one writes the odd pairing she wants, and who I'm happy to oblige because seriously, how is there no G/N fic in the world? There's Georgina and Eric, for the love of God! But none with Nate. This must be corrected.

So anyway. Fielding phone calls from the obnoxious customers between paragraphs. Or is it writing paragraphs between obnoxious phone calls? I'm never sure. I'm sure that I wish Aaron was back (I've stopped calling him Mark, finally) so that I could be discussing Irish poetry with him. I don't know how he can read it without grasping the meaning behind it! I don't know how anyone can. But apparently that's just me, and everyone knows how much I like looking brilliant, so I spent the first half of my day deciphering it for him. And in return? I get the book! Yay! Nothing like free poetry.

So! Now I'm back to my writing. Which, hopefully, makes more sense than this journal entry. I can never think in straight lines when there's a TV on, and I'm too lazy to go turn the one in here off. Bah, I say. Bah.

PS: I miss my sister, Eric. You better be taking good care of her. And you should let her call me. Love, Elle

Aaron: Yes ma'am, I'd be happy to help you with that.
Crockett: I bet you would. I know what you'd be happy to do with her.
Aaron: No, that's fine - you take your time.
Crockett: Oh yeah, take your time.
Aaron: Oh, sure! If you can just send in that payment then I can...
Crockett: Nope, nope. Tell her to pull on her nipples and then you'll adjust that late fee.
Aaron: hanging up call, oblivious Did you say something?
Me: I'm moving desks.
You know that everything is more or less right in the world when you can giggle hysterically with your sister over Gossip Girl at five AM.

I really missed giggling over Gossip Girl.
Ugh, I fail at updating! There's been a ton going on, and also... I'm just lazy. So, here you go - some updates, in brief.

+ Nicole has been doing boy-drag at NewB's, which means I've been going with her weekly to videotape. And drink. Although going mid-week, I find that I stick to cheap Smirnoff instead of expensive mixed drinks. Because the bartender there mid-week just... sucks. He fails at drink-making. And AHAHA. I love the queens there, they're the best people ever. Also, no shame about asking random people hanging around backstage to put duct-tape in weird places or borrow lip-gloss. Bianca is awesome. And gorgeous.

+ MCR! So happy about that game. And about getting to play with Megs! Because I've missed playing with her so much. And now we can play AND plan her wedding at the same time - which is a weird mix, but v. good. Also? Dear self, finish your goddamn PoL apps. Quit being lazy. The mod will bite you, and you'll deserve it.

+ Warm weather! God, today was so beautiful. It was gorgeous, and warm and sunny. And I went out in it even though I felt like crap, because it was too pretty to just hide in my room and curl up around my heating pad. By the way, dog has stolen heating pad for herself now. Wtf is up with that?

+ Just a lot of random going on in the world right now. It's going pretty well. Now, to bug Maddy to write with me.

Go me!

Productive Elle is productive!

In less than a week, I've managed to put together an entire RP (including a huge chunk of source material), create a character of my own (and work out her history with another character), recruit a couple of awesome players (seriously, my delight that these people know/love the fandom knows no fucking bounds), and coax a couple of other friends to read the necessary things to fall in love with the fandom the way I have. And other people have. And I'm really pleased with myself, because I'm usually so goddamn lazy when it comes to putting things together. But I've pushed myself to do all the source material and linking and organizing. Now I just have to work on setting information and rules, and I'll be completely done.

I also went out to dinner with Keith and his girlfriend Amber, who I really like. She's very nice, and there was much hilarity. Crappy service, but this is what I get for venturing out to Elizabethton. Next time? Sticking to Johnson City. The food was good, but it took forever. Seriously.

Talked to my sister, helped her with the last little bit of a character app that I love because we're both geeks and RPing this particular OTP is just too fun to pass up.

Kari is going to take over the world in oh-so-stylish boots. I firmly believe this.

And now? I have more writing to do. My game should be finished tomorrow, I have one last app to write for MCR... and I have plenty of time to do these things, because I don't work again until Sunday.

Mine is an evil laugh, friends.