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I'm pretty straightforward. My name is Elle. I'm 23. I'm from Tennessee. I have a dog, a handful of best friends, a job with Citigroup, and about a dozen excellent fandom. My obsession with Heroes borders on unhealthy, my OTP is socially unacceptable, I'm a comics geek and a Gossip Girl fanatic. Also, I seem to have become hopelessly addicted to userpics and collecting them. It's kind of disturbing. .miss elle.
Heroes, roleplaying, flirting, playing with my dogs, talking with friends, collecting userpics, watching anime/cartoons, writing fanfiction, creative people, Gossip Girl, writing my favorite ships, talking to C. .likes.
people who lie, melodrama, constant reruns, season 3 of Heroes, fighting with people important to me, when Megan plots behind my back, stupid customers (people who can't manage their own bills), onions, back-biting and general bitchery, stupid fights. .dislikes.
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affection, animals, aretha franklin, art, ball gowns, bastet, bath and body works, beauty, being in love, being kissed, big cats, black jewels, blair and chuck, books, boys, brandy, broadway shows, buffy the vampire slayer, cameras, candle magick, candlelit dinners, candles, carousels, chatting, cherries, chick flicks, chocolate, christmas, christmas music, clothing, comedy, computers, cooking, creative writing, criminal justice, csi, dance, dark angel, demons, desktop publishing, divas, dogs, drama, dramatic entrances, dreaming, drow, elves, fae, fairytales, fantasy, fine arts, fireworks, forensic science, foreplay, fourth of july, gardens, ghosts, glitter, glow stix, gossip girl, haunting eyes, heroes, humor, ice cream, icicle lights, japanese food, joydrop, kisses, kitchen spice, labradors, late nights, laughing, law, lifehouse, literature, longing, love, love poems, love songs, loyalty, magic, making love, making out, milkshakes, mirrors, money, moonlight, mp3s, music, mystery novels, mystics, mythology, new york, occult knowledge, pajamas, paranormal, passion, perfume, peter and claire, phone calls, photography, pictures, plays, poetry, pop, presents, prose poetry, psychology, puppies, quoting, rain, reading, ritual, roleplaying, romance, romantic movies, rottweilers, sad songs, scooby doo, sensitivity, sex, shopping, sighs, silence, silver, slow walks, sociology, soft kisses, spiritual teachings, starlight, stars, stephen king, style with substance, supernatural, suprises, tarot cards, thunderstorms, touching, transcending biology, true crime, true love, urban fantasy, whispers, white magic, writing